The most advanced tendering portal

Good software supports your workflow. Great software improves it.

Your potential contractors and subcontractors will find the submission process easier and faster, because they can access your documentation and send their responses via your portal.

Increased transparency! You’ll have complete oversight over what’s happening during each step of the process.

online tendering


Publish your tenders online

Your tender exposure is your choice!

Our online “Tender Box” will reduce your procurement cycle. Provide greater probity; you’ll have a complete audit trail for all aspects of the process. Easy, Cost-Effective Communication - Respond to contractor or supplier queries via our ‘notice to tenderer’ facility. This saves you time and means every contractor or supplier has the same, up-to-date information.

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Tender comparison made easy

Dynamically linked pricing schedules, make the automation of tender comparisons possible.

Once your contractors or subcontractors have submitted their prices. Their bids are automatically placed into the online comparison spreadsheet adjacent to other contractor’s submitted prices. This provides a clear comparison of tenders, item by item.

Tender comparison

New Business Opportunities

Search our server by trades and region, with our innovative filters.

A finger on the pulse of your sector - Our daily email notifications will alert you to what’s going on in your sector, for instance, who’s calling for tenders, who’s likely to be seeking subcontractors, trends in procurement of your services, and so on. Great market intelligence.

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Your online estimating application

Good software supports your workflow. Great software improves it.

In today’s competitive construction estimating environment, “Methvin Estimating Software” allows you to quickly and accurately generate quality cost estimates and winning bids.

This estimation advantage is made possible by allowing you to link worksheets to multiple tasks, set variables and breaking tasks into sub schedules for fast accurate pricing. This makes your workflow more efficient and improve your margin analysis.

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Electronic “Tender Box”

The worlds most advanced tender delivery system.

When you’ve completed your tender preparation, deliver it to your client using the online electronic Tender Box. Your tender is delivered to the right place on time.


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Project Management

The worlds most advanced pricing system.

Methvin allows the contractor and subcontractor to send online claims to their clients. All variations can be tracked online by all. The contractor can print subcontract certification reports to evaluate their subcontract claims each month.





Methvin is an online estimating and procurement portal

Designed and developed to be intuitive and user friendly.

Methvin is a project management and estimation tool designed for the construction industry. It will make your life considerably easier; estimating projects, publishing tenders and producing comparisons, and helping to find potential business opportunities.




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Manage projects from anywhere

Collaborative Portal for Client and Contractor

Kanban board: Visual card system

Shift from the adversary approach of managing clients to one of open communications.

This will foster and improve relationships and outcomes for both parties.

The shared goals will establish the basis for a motivated team and encourage individual contribution to the end goal of delivering your project on budget and on time.



Stay Organised, stay on Schedule

Be efficient and prioritize

The Methvin Gantt interface allows you to efficiently prioritise and aggregate everyday work, project tasks, important details, and multiple timelines.

The Methvin Gantt Scheduler module will help you identify which tasks are most critical to project success through critical task path highlighting allowing you to focus on what matters most.


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Estimating for Heavy Construction

Facilitating a faster procurement cycle!

Methvin offer an industry leading “First Principles” estimating solution for Infrastructure or Commercial Building contractors.

When biding on a Design and Construct(D&C) or Early Contractor Involvement(ECI) project we offer unprecedented speed and multi user capabilities.



Takeoff for General Contractors

Quantity surveying made easy

Fast accurate takeoff for any dwg, dxf and pdf file, just set the scale and start measuring.

Measure areas, perimeters, length and count elements in both imperial and metric. A list of materials and their thicknesses can be added to every takeoff.

Increased transparency! You’ll have complete oversight over what’s happening during each step of the process.

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